MCAT cat


I am a gritty empath from a small town, who loves my cat and my partner (nearly) equally. I am a writer and a lover of action-adventure video games; I am also on my way to medical school.

Probably the most important thing that you should know about me is that I want to practice medicine for populations that, like my home town, are underserved in a variety of ways — be it something more “obvious” like geographic access or class, or something less talked about like race, gender identity, or body weight. I’m a spoonie — meaning I live with a chronic illness — and so my career goals are oriented towards the huge chronic disease burden (physical and mental) that underserved and marginalized populations carry because of a lack of resources, a lack of access, and — sometimes — a lack of empathy.

Those career goals largely influence what I blog about. I’ll admit, my blog flounders here and there as I try to find my “voice” and the balance between personal updates and dedicated content on topics I care deeply about. For now, though, I hope you enjoyed whatever post it was that urged you to click the “About” button. And thanks for that, by the way — I’m still one of those bloggers that gets excited for every WordPress notification that comes my way. ❤



If you have any questions or want to talk, you can email me at synapticwriting@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter.