Figuratively a Billion

It might seem like medical school applications — after years of 70-80 hour work weeks and studying for the MCAT — are the dash to the finish line, but they are not.

I’m writing a billion miniature essays.

Figuratively a billion.


Which is why I have not been writing a billion blog posts, miniature or otherwise. However, that’s not to say that the past few weeks haven’t been exciting —

First, I received my MCAT scores and learned that I will be a very competitive applicant to any school, including the big-name schools. To celebrate, my boyfriend and I had sushi and champagne, which did not go well together, but that’s not the point.

Second, I received a job offer at the clinic I’ve been volunteering with — the clinic that serves underserved/uninsured Central Texans and that I absolutely love for so many reasons, the least of which being that I would clone it and plop it in the middle of my home county if I could.

Third, my boyfriend’s mother gave me a graduation gift that included a fancy toy for my cat, Artemis. It squeaks as it roles around, and she would play with it for hours if I didn’t have to put it up occasionally to catch a break from the noise.

Fourth, I actually finished reading a book. As in a real-life, bona fide novel that wasn’t assigned for class.

It’s called Leviathan Wakes, and season 3 of the series’ adaptation (called The Expanse) has been confirmed. If you are excited about Wonder Woman and strong female leads, watch YouTube videos of Chrisjen Avasarala on repeat.

So, basically, I’m on cloud nine. Sure, I’ve not been able to write much, and that’s probably not going to change any time soon (my new job is 35 hours a week, and my current tutoring job is 20 hours a week, plus travel in between) but that’s okay.

It might not be a dash, but the end is near. Now, excuse me while I write my 100th miniature medical school application essay.


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