How To Start a Revolution

You don’t. You can’t start a revolution.

Why? It’s not a revolution when it starts.

When it starts, a revolution is an idea. It’s no different than all the fleeting thoughts we have as take a shower, as we drive to work, as we stand in line for overpriced coffee. Every single day we think, wouldn’t the world be a better place if only…?

We forget about these thoughts after a few minutes. We go back to the status quo.

These thoughts are revolutions never lived.

But occasionally, just occasionally, there’s a thought that refuses to leave our heads. We think about it constantly, pondering its complexities, spacing out at work because we know that something just isn’t right.

Listen to that thought, because there’s more than just something that isn’t right in our world.

People say that if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Is that fair? There’s no possible way you can be part of the solution to every problem in the world. You can, however, be part of a solution. And you should be.

Revolutions, you see, aren’t like we see in the movies, when the hero speaks before a crowd of oppressed people and motivates them shed their chains and storm the homes of their oppressors.

Revolutions are built one step at a time, by a million people doing a million things in support of a common goal, who each had a million thoughts about a million injustices that they could not ignore.

Revolutions are not propelled forward by the ones whose names will be written in the textbook. They are propelled forward by people like us.

We might not get credit, and we might not even reap the benefits in our lifetime. But maybe, one day, the stairway we’ve been building will be complete—and humanity can step up into a better world.
Written for Stairway

Photo credit: Mike Towber via / CC BY-SA


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