Bodies are Sacred

People’s bodies are sacred. This is coming from someone who is not religious and is, perhaps, not even spiritual. People’s bodies are sacred, and, excepting the most severe cases of mental illness — like self-harm, eating disorders, or suicidality — commenting on someone’s relationship with their body isn’t helpful. Even in cases of severe mental…


Because once you’re poor, and schizophrenic, and alone, the safety net merely waves at you as you fall through.

The Hippocratic Oath

Don’t tell my partner his liver is dead like you diagnosed the common cold.

Medicaid is An Earned Benefit, Too

Facebook can be frustrating. I still have family friends and people from my hometown who use Facebook as a miniature blog for outraged — and sometime outrageous — opinions. Social media, I think doesn’t “bring out” the worst in people — it simply gives them a place to express their worst biases and hatred, which…